Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Choice quote of the day...again

Are you ready for this dish to totally DOMINATE your holiday home?
Photo from m-e-c's flickr stream

From a BrandWeek profile of Kraft's plans for a "holiday comfort food home invasion"
(emphasis mine):

"Our goal is to own the holidays," said Ken Stickevers, VP of marketing for Hearty Soups at Campbell Soup, Camden, N.J.
A Cream of Mushroom push will focus on Campbell's 50-year-old holiday classic, the green bean casserole. "There are about 30 million green bean casseroles prepared between Thanksgiving and Christmas every year," said Stickevers. "We will be driving awareness of the dish every week [now] through Christmas."

I admit to being an insufferable food snob, but am I really crazy for finding it disquieting that Kraft wants to OWN THE HOLIDAYS? Sheesh.

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Michelle said...

I think it's crazy to let a brand "own" the holidays!

Thanks for featuring my green bean casserole. I'm proud it's made without Kraft products! The recipe is on my blog.